#MrEnergy brings excitement to Enel

Posted on 03.08.2016 |

image7Since the arrival of O.D. Anosike, Enel Basket Brindisi has enjoyed recent success. The team has won 4 out of their last 5 games, and has jumped from 11th to 8th place in the standings.

Enel Basket Brindisi Sport Director, Tullio Marino (pictured) recently expressed his excitement about the play of the team to the media. “The atmosphere in the locker room is completely different than a few weeks ago before Anosike arrived” said Marino. “We have restored our confidence, we have the right attitude, and our performance on the court is proof of that. These are all positive signs in this crucial part of the season.”

In reference to Marino’s comments, Anosike seemed optimistic. “I really can’t take all of the credit” said Anosike. “The team has found its rhythm and a new sense of confidence. We’re all playing well. I hope we can continue to play well down the stretch of the season, I feel that the fans and city of Brindisi deserve it.”

After a win against Pesaro last week, Anosike and Enel Basket Brindisi resume league play on March 14 in an important matchup against Sidigas Avellino.